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"Our primary goal here at Dr Yoon Physical Therapy is to deliver happiness to our clients. While we want to create a comforting and inviting environment for everyone, we hope to give back what they deserve – a big smile and confidence."

Hi, This is DR. CHANG YOON, DPT.

Dr. ChangGoo Yoon,PT, DPT is physical therapist He have practiced in Denver and District Columbia and New York and Virginia and Boston since July 2001.Currently, in Hartford, Connecticut, licensed (012448) 2019-present.

He have License in Connecticut and Hawaii and Illinois and Indiana and Massachusetts and New York and Virginia State in USA
He also received a doctoral degree in physical therapy from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

He served as a professor of physical therapy Dept at Yeongdong College in Korea from September 1991 to August 1997, and many of his disciples are physical therapists in the United States.


  • Director/CEO, Adam Auto Accident Physio Doctor in Brookline (Present)
  • Director/CEO, Dr Yoon Physical Therapy in Hartfort
  • Director/CEO,Doctors Physio,INC in Boston
  • Director/CEO,Doctors Physical Therapy,P.C in New York
  • Supervisor/Director,Hadley Memorial Hospital,Rehap Dept in Washington DC
  • Director/CEO,DC Pain and Rehab Center in DC
  • Professo,Physical Therapy Dept,Deagu University
  • Professor/Director,Physical Therapy Dept,YoungDong College
  • Professor,Physical Therapy Dept, Samyook University

Doctors Physio

A private owned practice that provides physical therapy and rehabilitation with highest quality equipment and treatment available today. Our objective is to help you to relieve the pain and fix the problem areas, so you can regain your physical comfort and optimal functionality.


Promising Practices

We use our years of training and experiences to provide you the most professional, qualitative, and customized care.


Individualized Care

We perform a detailed assessment and precise diagnosis to give you a specific treatment methods.



We offer orthopedic, pediatric, and neurological physical therapy, and SEMG to restore your health and well-being.



We utilize advanced technology such as electrical treatments (interferential current therapy, ultrasound, transcuteaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and iontophoresis) and low-level laser therapy. We also provide Mechanical Traction, Therapeutic massage, and Therapeutic Exercise.

What our clients say

I came in with a knee Sprain,Not only Dr Yoon Physical Therapy was well-equipped, but also their staffs were nice and caring. Since I am from another country, I chose this office randomly, but I believe I couldn’t have had a better place. Best of all, I was able to use my insurance.

— Jee / from New York

I wanted to express my gratitude for your best service and care. I hope this review helps anyone who is looking for a physical therapist.

— Susan Kang

Due to frequent use of computer, I had lots of pain from my neck, hands, and wrists. After receiving several laser treatments, I feel like I never had them.

— Mandori


Got some general aches and muscle soreness? Don’t stand on your pain.

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